Using a Virtual Receptionist

You have probably dreamed about not having to answer your phone all day, but never really looked into it before.  There are many benefits:

  • You now have more time to spend doing what is actual billable client work.
  • Having a receptionist answer your phone, rather than direct to the business owner, means you don’t get trapped in providing a free consult over the phone.
  • You have a professional image to your business.
  • The cost is a fraction of what a full-time receptionist would cost you.
  • You also have the option of having your receptionist provide differing levels of information to your clients, or even taking your customer orders – the level of involvement of your virtual receptionist is all up to you.

You have the choice of diverting all your calls, some of your calls, or maybe just when you are on holidays, or off sick.

You then decide whether:

a) your virtual receptionist take a message and advises the caller that you are not available and then emails a message straight to your smartphone.


Please call Roberta Smith 9233 0000, she has received your quotation and would like to proceed but cannot find your banking details to make deposit.

There is enough information for you to decide whether the call is urgent or if you can call her back at the end of the day, or

b)  your virtual receptionist diverts the call through to your mobile (you tell us what is important and what is not), or

c) your receptionist advises Roberta of your banking details and still sends message to you.

We are also available to book clients in to your shared on-line diary which we both would have access to.  You instruct us on what your client needs to bring with them, whether they need to pay on the day and any other detail they need to know.

Your virtual receptionist can also sign for deliveries, accept work from your clients who may be passing and follow-up on your quotations.

If this service interests you, get in contact and see how quickly we can become an invaluable extension of your business.